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JesuStuff, Incorporated
1234 West Main Street
Provo, Utah
For Immediate Release

JesuStuff, Incorporated is pleased to announce its new line of Christian washroom accessories for all types of religious institutions.

‘I believe that our new line of washroom accessories fills a void within the religious institution today, " said Buddy Wilson, President and CEO of JesuStuff. "I believe the washroom is a place where churches can really reach people for the savior. Many people do some of their best thinking there."

When asked what inspired him to create this line of accessories, Wilson told the following story: "I was visiting the office of a business associate, and went to use the washroom, and looked down and saw that the urinal liner was imprinted with a message: ‘Say No to Drugs.’ And I thought to myself, ‘Buddy, if those people can put a message like that in such a place, then surely we should be taking the message of Jesus there too.’ We need to take Jesus into the washroom."

The corporate creative team at JesuStuff took great pains to provide a wide range of complementary washroom items.

"I’m particularly proud of our washroom devotional set, "said Wilson. "Everybody knows that gentlemen like to read in the washroom, so we have created a line of short devotional readings and pamphlets that a gentleman can read in one sitting, as well as a specially imprinted rack to hang on the stall door. We have even created a special arrangement with some noted content providers to help reinforce the special messages that men need to hear. We have already arranged for some articles from Focus on the Family, The Upper Room, and negotiations with Promise Keepers are ongoing. In addition, we also offer the ability to imprint a special message on the devotional tracts, such as ‘Compliments of Your Religious Institution.’"

Other items include urinal liners with the choice of several inspiring messages, such as "Flush Away Sin," "Jesus Loves You", "Keep Your Eyes on the Prize", "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself" and "Faith Moves Mountains."

In addition, there is a special line of imprinted paper towels and toilet tissue. "I figured that if you can get paper towels for your kitchen with ducks and geese on them, then why not get paper towels for the Christian washroom with doves and fish?" said Wilson. Other imprints include loaves of bread, and a special set with the ecclesiastical symbols for all 12 disciples.

In addition to the imprinted paper supplies, there is a special imprinted line of paper product dispensers with a variety of inspirational messages, some of which are completely customizable by your religious institution.

JesuStuff, Incorporated has been providing quality religious-oriented items for over 25 years, including a full line of imprinted key chains, pencils, ribbons, awards, Bible markers, toys, stuffed animals, T-shirts, plaques, candleholders, and other items for the religious home and institution. 

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