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About The Woodsmeister and Other Links

100% Mr. Potato head Approved!

I'm Greg Grant, your host. I'm 37 years old, I live in Columbus, Ohio, and I work as a desktop publisher/editor/webmaster/"the computer guy who knows just enough about computers to be dangerous who occasionally can solve the problem" at The Danter Company, a small real estate research company. I am a graduate of Otterbein College, with a graduate degree in English Literature from the University of Cincinnati.

Why the Woodsmeister? It's my "secret" identity. Every year, I volunteer to direct a week of camp for 6th and 7th graders at Camp Wanake, a church camp affiliated with the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church. The name for the program at that level is Woods Camp.  As a joke several years ago, I insisted at the beginning of the week that I was not the Woods Director, but, rather, "The Woodsmeister." It stuck. Now, it serves as a handy alias to use on the web.

I am a member of Church of the Saviour United Methodist in Westerville, Ohio, where I maintain the web site, sing in the choir and teach an adult Sunday School class.

I am also a Type II diabetic.

Among the other things I do in my spare time:

Instant Adventure

Home of the Original Kirk Hasenmueller Instant Adventure.

John Deever is an acquaintance of mine and former member of the book club who wrote a book about his experiences in Ukraine with the Peace Corps. It is ready to be published and awaiting a suitable publisher. His web site has an excerpt from the book.

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